Studio A School of Performing Arts is a leading performing arts studio, which directs its focus to the individual needs of each student. We operate controlled class sizes between two studios, which operate 6 days a week. Classes include all dance styles, as well as singing and acting.

With the emphasis on the individual child, Studio A School of Performing Arts encourage performance opportunities without the competitiveness and are proud of the friendly and supportive energy between students and parents at Studio A.

We have an amazing teaching faculty of inspiring and driven teachers who all work together to produce fun and innovative classes for the Studio A students, whether they wish to dance, sing or act.

We present an annual concert for friends and family members, and our Show Squad performs regularly at events. Studio A School of Performing Arts students who like to perform may join this group for extra performance opportunities.


Studio A School of Performing Arts hold a reputation for producing talented, yet humble students, capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. If you would like your child to belong to a caring and nurturing studio, then Studio A School of Performing Arts is the place for you.


At Studio A School of Performing Arts we are mindful of our class sizes and split our classes to ensure each student gets the individual attention they deserve.


Studio A School of Performing Arts are proud to host a teaching faculty full of experienced and industry trained teachers. Our teachers have first hand experience in the industry of Performing Arts.


At Studio A School of Performing Arts we are committed to offering a triple threat training program.

Our RAD Classical Ballet stream is of the highest standard but we also recognize the importance of offering other important streams such as Musical Theatre and the need to produce the ‘triple threat’ and for this reason we also offer classes in all facets including singing, drama, hip-hop, tap, contemporary and all styles of jazz.

The classes offered at Studio A School of Performing Arts cover all dance styles and cater for all age groups from our youngest members through to Advanced levels.